The little community event that can

One Night in Footscray is a community event that celebrates everything Footscray.

What did we do?

  • Customer mapping
  • Communication pillars
  • All language communication
  • Brand and image making
  • Apparel
  • Posters and printed matter
  • Writing
  • Web / socials
  • Signing


Developed over 8 months this project began as a site visit and committee meeting. The night, place, a modest budget and community was a key piece of information, which informed the stories.

Numerous cultures and languages come together in Footscray and to access as many people as possible we championed semiotics – the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation – as our key comms tools.

A community comes together shows the world their energy, their ideas, their people. One Night in Footscray is exactly what that name says. Imagine an event that is the intersection of the Australia multi-cultural experience in art, food and experience. An all seeing, bright, all smiling moon had to be the answer.

Footscray is a truly unique corner of the community and we felt we had to put away the tells of modern graphic design (clean fonts, highly directed images, austere layouts and on trend colours) and make work that is immediate, impactful and cheap to rollout.

Enjoy a wonderful project, client and crew!

Visit One Night in Footscray here