The wall calendar is an artefact in people’s lives since Greco times 46 BC, it is mostly a practical object in the background that captures users’ lives.

How can design and printing create a product that can connect with the broader community? How can self-promotion transform into a product that becomes immersed in people’s lives? How can a printed object work at a human scale and connect with users all year round? How can a design object create a conversation with the end-user, exploring the richness of design craft, type design and print craft? How can promotion be a desirable object that customers are willing to pay for? How can we create a promotion that frenzies the customer with scarcity and sells outs in six weeks.?

In its second year, the AaGt Calendar 2022 is a typographic exploration of the dynamic nature of the passing year. Can type capture the highs and lows, the order, the chaos, the energy of life? Can a calendar showcase the beauty of great type design, and can quality printing elevate an object? Type design research and working with renowned type designers are key to the product. In 2022 we sourced a diversity of font designs from Tobias Frere-Jones, Vincent Chan, and Kris Sowersby, to Mark Niemeijer, James Edmondson, Cornel Windlin to Adrian Frutiger. Pushing the scale, grid and flow of the typography was a challenge and joy.