The studio calendar project has garnered an ever-expanding following among artists, architects, designers, curators, and writers who seek an object that not only inspires but also offers practical functionality.

Aa and Andrew Gunn meet again to develop a product rich in detail, bold by design, nothing like ink on paper.

Ready November 2023, 2024 edition sold out in 30 days.

See for details.

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How can we elevate an everyday object into a source of inspiration for a design-savvy audience, highlighting intricate details in design and typography? Can this object strike a balance between artistic merit, sustainability, and commercial viability?

The AaGt Calendar 2024 is a commercial product that delves into the realm of traditional print production, design, typography, and print craftsmanship, all tailored to complement the built environment. The concept behind the work is to embrace the transformative potential of a poster-like impact that evolves with each passing year.

Specification notes

  • Label / custom shipper
  • 8 x A5 perforated postcards
  • 1 x A1 wrap
  • 26pp / black double spiral bound / black hanging rivet
  • folded 350x500mm / open 350x1000mm 
  • printed – double custom black
  • embellished – black satin foil
  • Printed Gunn & Taylor, Australia
  • English edition only


Featured type families

  • Months —Janitor by Vincent Chan
  • Summer / Winter — The Future by Kris Sowersby, Klim
  • Autumn / Spring — Times New Roman by Stanley Morris
  • Text type — Janitor by Vincent Chan
  • Handwritten notes  — Aa