Cinema etitequette for Alliance Franciase French Film Festival

Cinema Etiquette spots were screened at the 2017 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival to accompany the successful Fake French campaign.

Adam and James were recruited again to help the festival audiences to – Turn off their phones to Not wearing big hats while the feature played.

The idea
In day-to-day conversation, everyone has an accent, or version of a new, or foreign, language they draw upon.

In the spirit of comic great Peter Sellers, creative director Andrew Ashton and photographer Earl Carter unearthed this conversation space via a series of 30 seconds ads inviting everyday Australians to share “their” version of French, to recruit new French students for the Alliance Française.

On a modest budget, five spots were made for launch.

The crew
Concept / direction / Writing by Andrew Ashton, Work Art Life
Photography and direction by Earl Carter Photographer
Casting by Andrew and Earl