The non-alcoholic drinks market in Australia is projected to generate a revenue of approximately AU $22.4 billion in 2024.

Launched in 2022, Awesome Source is an ambitious startup brand defining an ever-growing category. Driven by taste and quality ingredients, AS pledges to be “a luxury drinks company offering ultra-premium, small-batch, non-alcoholic G&Ts.”

Inspired by the essence of the Awesome Source product, the design aimed to embody the claim, drawing on fashion branding cues, bold blocking, creating a fundamental and prominent presence, akin to a meditative aura that radiates from the shelf or drinks fridge.

“While many drinks brands clutter their designs with claims and various elements, AS’s stark and confident design made a symbolic yet unmissable declaration for quality and premium.”
– Aa.

Given the batch nature of the product, a bold, economical, and highly refined set of DBAs (Distinctive Brand Assets) was established to maximize impact. The design sense was heightened with striking typography, stark black and white with a hint of colour design, and elegant layout.

Every aspect of the packaging was designed for impact, creating a versatile system that could serve as shelf talkers and an effective merchandising and display system.


  • Pack as the master brand
  • Printed in two colors on sustainable satin-coated papers.
  • Rollout includes bottle labels, gift boxes, shipping cartons, apparel, digital assets, and stationery


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