Clandestino Coffee, 2023

I was engaged by Clandestino to be a creative partner, rather than a stuffy consultant, in its adventures in coffee and beyond… It’s a project that has challenged and inspired a great team and result. How good is that? Aa

Clandestino thrives in the unconventional, they love unique, big thinking and great ideas.

Change is here, doing it better is our constant. Normal is always worth a nudge, rules do change, chaos has a purpose too, questioning it all works, as long as they keep up with innovation, delicious and seamless (if poss).

More is brewing, promise.

Somewhere in Noosaville, there is an independent coffee roaster and café  making a delicious drop of char, shaking it up one cup at the time.

People that love coffee know Clandestino, people who don’t wish they did. Clandestino has taste at its heart, there is a brew for all the shades of coffee lover and occasion.

The name Clandestino is a tilt to clandestine mentality and is at the centre of the brand story. The fabled clandestine flying missions from PNG in small planes seeded the brand and its story.

The freedom of flying inspires vision, taste, flavour and passion. Clandestino is a brand that uses head where appropriate, but what makes it stand out in the now busy world of coffee is being mostly heart. We love our coffee, we love our coffee growers and protect being true all know and make.  

The brand evolution of Clandestino expands this vision and seek to be in its space of passion, experience and a twist as long as it doesn’t get in the way of what we do best, delicious coffee.



Project work represents two years of ongoing development and implementation including:

  • Strategic master re-brand
  • Distinctive Brand Assets
  • Business to consumer sales and marketing collateral
  • Multi-sku coffee packaging
  • Transaction website
  • Consumer brand campaigns
  • Cafe identity, collateral signing
  • Product development
  • Business to business sales and marketing collateral
  • Image making and writing.


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