‘I am Ape’ is a book chronicling Lisa Roet’s thirty-five-year art practice, exploring humanity through a primate lens.

Roet’s diverse and complex art merges primatology with sculpture, delving into primate evolution, identity, and consciousness from a scientific and thought-provoking perspective. The book is crafted to engage all readers—from casual perusal at a bookstore to in-depth reference reading. Designed for hand-held comfort, its unique binding ensures clarity in presenting works and writings on each spread. The reader is captivated by a 60-page pictorial essay, where each chapter begins with compelling imagery and concludes with illustrated essays by Ray Edgar. The typography marries sculptural headings with functional callouts, captions, and text, unified by a robust yet detailed type and image grid.


  • 300 pages
  • Printed in four-process colors on sustainable white gloss and satin-coated papers.
  • The cover wraps around the text block, laminated onto the back cover, featuring exposed binding.
  • Typefaces – Headings: Janitor by Vincent Chan, Text: Dedale by Thomas Bouville.


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