Brands brands forever

Big and small, corporate, cultural, across sectors and markets, yet always about people.

Our identities are designed to last. Designed to be easily reproduced. Designed to be memorable.

Design training in the late 80s was rich in the traditions of conceiving, testing, and crafted brand marks. Logos, as brand marks were called back then, changed rarely. The expense of changing a brand meant they were designed thoroughly to outlive fashion, trends and communicate with purpose, quality and creativity – I love the care and investment made in these times – teams of people, used to explore every idea and option, and once an option was carefully selected they were tested and refined extensively. Imagine prepping massive colour chips, mounting them on the side of plain or building and distance checking the density of colour? I remember. Do things well, do it once and get on with the hustle.

Pick your audience and purpose and these little bundles of magic will exploit small spaces and enormous, every pixel, every stitch, every LED refresh, every eyeball dollar thrown at them.