Monash retail and Monsu retail signing projects

The studio has been engaged to execute a range retail style projects across the Melbourne campuses.

Graze on the Green and Upper Deck are identities for common and mixed-use eating spaces offering a selection food business, along with university events.

Graze’s custom graphic letterforms are executed in shades of greens and blue and a distinctive set of mono type forms used in screens, decals and illuminated light boxes.

Upper Deck is nestled in the canopy line of strong gum trees in the heart of the Frankston campus. Andrew developed a drawing study of leaves and gum nuts used in a series of screens, decals  and a distinctive sculptural type mark that exploits the changing light of the day.

Monsu’s Workshop offers students to print and copy services. The studio adapted a distinctive print screen and marks inspired system of crop and dots. A series of hanging lollie like signs, distinctive vinyl screens marked and identified the shop front.

Across the university, there are numerous projects in various phases of construction. To screen production from students and staff a – Watch this space – banner system of abstract human scale line drawings made by Andrew was assembled to artfully mimic the space and bustle of these zones.