How has Power House been tested?

Power House has been rolled out to MYOB in Melbourne, Monash Sustainability Development Institute and has partnered with the Australian Graphic Design Association.

“I want to create a program that is personal, loaded with ideas and lots of practical tools and insights.” “I wanted the team to be armed with ideas that they could action immediately.” “I wanted to kick aside the whole lecture model and work together with the teams, and help them shape the practice’s new ways of thinking about, delivering and making work”. Andrew Ashton

In 2019 the workshops were rolled out with an incredible, overwhelming result.

Are there any testimonials?

“The Power House programme exceeded our expectations. Across three sessions Andrew helped our diverse team; from content creators, marketing and graphics, to realise our potential and put systems in place to centre our organisation around collaboration, leading with design thinking and creative practice excellence. We want Andrew back for more!”    

Ivy Hajduk Design and Vicki Kyriakakis Marketing – Monash Sustainability Development Institute


“Andrew understood our vision of delivering creative excellence in-house. His ideas around practice-led studios, practical ideation tools and enthusiasm for unrealised creative opportunities inspired the whole team – we’re going to make sure he comes back.”    

Tim Gill, Creative Director MYOB


How can we elevate the value of creative thinking?

In a time where all the attention seems to be on rock-star designers, in-house studios are one of the most significant forces impacting design today.

The Power House project investigates the potential of in-house design services and encourages teams to take their studio to the next level.


“Andrew is an inspiration in getting cut through communication to allow you to build and market your business. He has a cutting edge which provides for visually exciting design and interactive solutions. He comes up with the most brilliant ideas that created true emotional engagement, and sometimes that can be as simple as stamps through to billboards. He is a pleasure to work with and if you get a chance you won’t be disappointed!”

Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft


Enquire about a session

We want your in-house team

Power House is a creative workshop program developed to transform in-house creative teams. A making and mentoring approach devised to invigorate your studio’s creative purpose and culture by Work Art Life’s internationally recognised designer, creative director, writer and artist Andrew Ashton.

How will Power House work?

We are going to rethink, make, shake things up, understand our potential, question our spaces, tell our stories, lead the creativity and design conversation. We will discover new and old ways, and set the right creative path for your studio. Is it to become the creative heart of your organisation?


Who is doing the workshopping?

The project is devised and facilitated by Australian designer Andrew Ashton. Ashton draws upon:

  • his dynamic and highly respected creative practice Work Art Life Studios
  • a decade of sessional lecturing at Swinburne University and Monash University
  • collaborations and projects with numerous Australian Practices including 3 Deep Design, Studio Round, Hofstede Design, David Pidgeon, David Lancashire, RE, Garbett  and many more.


How deep can we go?

Powerhouse offers four workshop options:

a day intensive introduction session

six skill-specific workshops 1/2 day sessions

one skill specific 1/2 day session

project specific 1/2 day session


Where will it happen?

All workshops will be conducted onsite at the in-house studio.


Will there be coffee?

Yes, with full cream milk, please.

How can we make it happen?

Get in touch for a workshop briefing, identifying opportunity, team and skill set the in-house studio is seeking to explore. Timing and workshop budget is set as part of workshop briefing.


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