Forty per cent of Australian households now have a plant-based milk in the fridge.   
Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2023

After 18 months of development, inner Melbourne will start to see Vitality hit the shelves at their favourite IGA or heath food store, over February and March 2024.

Grown and processed in Victoria, Vitality has a creamy flavour with a hint of walnut, rich in Omega 3, this all vegan milk can be used on cereal, in a latte, or excellent with choc flavoured protein powder in smoothies.

Launching in March 2024, Vitality Australian Walnuts is a venture in the ever-expanding ‘better-for-you’ food product category, developed by Victorian Walnut growers of the Australian Walnut Company. Driven by a commitment to taste, health, and quality, Vitality aims to become a household name renowned for its high-quality value-added walnut products.

Inspired by the essence of brain health cues, the design endeavors to encapsulate health claims, utilising health branding cues and bold blocking to establish a fundamental and prominent presence on the shelf, at home, or in cafes.

“Our research has revealed that people possess a good understanding of walnuts and their health benefits. Our goal is to develop a brand and packaging system that effectively communicates the walnut semiotic from shelf, cafe to street poster” — Aa.

Given the batch nature of the product, a bold, economical, and highly refined set of Distinctive Brand Assets (DBAs) was established to maximise impact. The design ethos was further enriched with striking typography, clear plant-based milk design cues, and a confident layout.

Every aspect of the packaging, campaign, and digital presence was meticulously crafted for impact, resulting in a versatile system that serves as both shelf talkers and an effective merchandising and display system.


  • Consumer research and testing
  • Masterbrand
  • Packaging system
  • Launch campaign
  • Website concept and design
  • Social media


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